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2019 Peterbilt Tornado F3
Eco-Lite Hydro Vac Truck

Sale Price: $391,986

For Sale By Owner
    in Greely, ON
    Phone: 800-320-9557
    Listing ID: 140555

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2019 Peterbilt Description

2019 Peterbilt Tornado F3 Eco-Lite Hydro Vac Truck. Diesel Engine paired with a Peterbilt 348 Chassis.

JD Brule equipment is selling 3 Tornado F3, located in Greely, Ontario, Canada.
Robuschi 125 Blower
Pratissoli Water Pump
Dynablast 12V
Van Body, 42 -inch width
Namco Transfer case
Diesel fired heater and smart charger for outdoor parking.

Tooling & Safety Package: which includes;
- 2x Digging Wands
- Composite Dig Tubes (1x 8" dig tube & 1x 6" dig tube)
- 2x 6" Dig Tube Extensions
- Squeegee with Rack
- wrenches with Holder
- Screwdriver with Holder
- Crow Bar
- Shovel
- Gun Wand with Nozzle
- Fire Extinguisher
- Eye Wash Station
- First Aid Kit and Ear Plug Dispenser
- Tooling Package Included
- Cone Holder HVAC 4494
- Frame rail tool box HVAC 2324 with 2 mounts HVAC 2097

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