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Opportunity Knocks

It is well known that many industries felt the impact of the recession our nation has faced. The transportation industry, particularly commercial trucking, may have felt it the most. Since commercial trucking services so many other industries including construction, manufacturing, agriculture and retail, as each industry suffered they had a cumulative effect on trucking. Many truckers lost jobs. Many owner operators went out of business or lost their trucks. It goes without saying that 2009 was a rough year.

In contrast to last year's challenges, 2010 may hold fantastic opportunities. As the economy recovers, there will be increases in most segments, if not all, of the industries that suffered. Predictably, there will be an increased need for transportation of goods. A lot of experienced drivers will return to work but there will be voids left by those that were forced to move into other occupations. There is also speculation that the new CSA2010 safety initiative could result in more drivers being removed from the road due to poor driving records. All this means that now would be a great time to start a career in truck driving.

If you haven't already, select a reputable truck driving school with a strong reputation for placing well qualified drivers. Financial aid is readily available. In most cases you will be able to defer payment until you start getting paid to drive. As long as goods need to be moved, there will be a need for truck drivers. After a 5-8 week training you can start a life-long career that pays well and is always interesting. Everyone has heard of being at the right place at the right time. Now may just be the right time to start a career in trucking.

This article was written by:

Greg Simmons - staff writer for National Vehicle Marketing, LLC.