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How to get a job in Trucking

Just like applying for any job, finding a job driving a truck takes persistence and hard work. Once you begin work it can be the start of a great career. To start with, there are always jobs. As long as companies need goods moved from one place to another, truck drivers will have jobs. With the economy starting to improve, there have been predictions that there will be in an increase of as many as 250,000 new truck driving job in the next 5-6 years.

Search the internet for opportunities to apply. There are many sites out there that have a single application that is sent to many companies. This saves you a ton of time versus having to fill out an application for each company. Make sure you keep the information consistent across each application as some companies may use multiple sites.

Give thorough information. If a company has to call you or email you to get additional information, it's likely they won't bother. They'll simply move on to a different applicant. If it is information that will be useful to a company in making a decision to hire you, make sure it is on the application.

If you are in a position to relocate, make sure your application says so. If you are single and don't have a family to move, being willing to relocate can give you a big edge over someone for whom moving is not an option. Make sure that you are ready to pick up and go if you get an offer. You don't want to lose an opportunity because you weren't ready.

Use placement services.If you are a brand new driver just completing training, rely heavily on the placement office of your school. If you picked a good one with a strong reputation, they should be able to place you with a good company that grooms new drivers and provides them with excellent opportunities to gain the experience needed to advance your career.

Be clear about what you want. It is a waste of time, for you and the company, to get offers for positions that you cannot or will not take. Be specific on your application regarding preferred home locations, load types, run durations, desired hometime, etc. By providing this information companies can better match the job with a possible candidate.

Don't be afraid to ask questions. Once you receive offers, make sure you know as much as you can about the job, company requirements, and expectations as possible. There is nothing worse than accepting an offer only to find out it is not what you want. This will also help you narrow the field of offers down to those that are truly offering what you want.

Once you get your information out to companies, those with positions that fit your needs, abilities, location, and experience will return offers to you. The better the information you have provided, the better those offers will match the situation you desire. The best case scenario, of course, is to have several offers that match your needs to give you options as to which company to go to work for. Make your selection and the rest is up to you. As always, work hard, be safe, and you can enjoy a very rewarding career as a truck driver.

This article was written by:

Greg Simmons - staff writer for National Vehicle Marketing, LLC.