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Why the Trucking Industry is Thriving Even in Recession

Thousands of businesses and industries are on the decline in today’s economy.  There are daily news stories of companies reducing their workforces by tens of thousands of people.  One startling exception to this trend is the trucking industry.  In fact, it’s growing and thriving.  As many companies look for ways to save money, through layoffs and outsourcing, one fact remains.  Regardless of what is produced or where, once in the US it has to be moved from one place to another.  Since you can’t outsource distribution, there is always a job for a truck driver!

The stability of the trucking industry makes it an excellent opportunity for a career.  Since the trucking industry will always be the primary way to get goods from one part of the country to the other, opportunities for truckers and trucking companies are only going to increase in the future. In fact, most consumers have no idea how vital the trucking industry is to our entire economy and way of life. 

When most people think of the trucking industry, they picture the big 18-wheel rigs rolling down the country’s interstates.  While this is certainly the most visible and celebrated aspect of the industry, and the highest paying, it is not the whole story.  When was the last time you had an 18-wheeler pull up in front of your house to drop of the mail or a package?  The truth is that every day there are thousands of trucks moving about your city delivering goods.  Everything from concrete to furniture, groceries to packages, business supplies to dry cleaning, is delivered by truck.  These types of trucking jobs represent a great opportunity for individuals interested in a career in the trucking industry but are reluctant to spent the time away from home required of a long-haul driver.  Most local trucking jobs have similar hours to most other professions and allow drivers to be home at the end of each day.  There are also jobs that allow drivers to be home but have night and weekend hours as well.   These types of local jobs do typically pay less than the long haul jobs but are a great place to start and gain experience.  Drivers that have the highest incomes are those that own and operate their own trucks.

Truck driving is not the right career choice for everyone, but for those who have the desire to learn and be on the road, it’s an opportunity to make a very good living. As an industry, it’s vital role to the American way of life means that it is one of the most stable professions available and the service to our country provided by truck drivers simply cannot be measured..

This article was written by:

Greg Simmons - staff writer for National Vehcile Marketing LLC