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Commercial vehicle market conditions

Commercial vehicle sales have shown a robust increase over last year, despite the uncertainties in the overall economy.  According to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, the June commercial market was up more than a third over June of last year.  Several manufacturers showed upwards of 60% growth.  In fact, the indications from nearly all manufacturers are that they expect the growth to continue to be strong for some time.  This shows that although many companies are wary of the current economy, they are still confident enough to continue inve sting in their commercial fleets.

The strength in the new commercial vehicle market also means good news for the used vehicle market.  Smaller companies, and those that are more budget minded regarding vehicle purchases, are finding an excellent range of reasonably priced used commercial vehicles available on the market.  It also means that companies looking to liquidate portions of their used fleets are easily able to find buyers.

So where is the best market place to find or sell used inventory?  According to Neilsen/NETratings, eBayMotors is consistently ranked the number one automotive website in the world, garnering 34% of all online minutes spent looking for a used vehicle.  Commercial vehicles are among the best sellers.  Companies looking to advertise commercial vehicles for sale on eBay would be well served to seek out a Certified Trading Assistant, like NationalVehicleMarketing, to help them navigate through the process and get the best results.

This article was written by:

Greg Simmons - staff writer for National Vehicle Marketing, LLC.