used 4Star 3 Horse for sale

2005 4Star 3 Horse

Price: $41,000
Location: Snohomish, WA

used Chevrolet Silverado 3500 for sale

2009 Chevrolet Silverado 3500

Price: $37,900
Location: Rosedale , VA

used Bloomer Evolution for sale

2012 Bloomer Evolution

Price: $121,000
Location: Loraine, TX

used Hart 3 Horse for sale

2013 Hart 3 Horse

Price: $73,000
Location: Midland , TX

used Kiefer Built X8094 for sale

2008 Kiefer Built X8094

Price: $39,500
Location: Burnettsville, IN

used Western Star 4964F for sale

1988 Western Star 4964F

Price: $22,500
Location: Billings, MT

used 4Star 3 Horse for sale

2006 4Star 3 Horse

Price: $51,900
Location: Granbury , TX

used Ford Sterling for sale

1998 Ford Sterling

Price: $34,000
Location: Winona, MO

used Chevrolet Kodiak for sale

2006 Chevrolet Kodiak

Price: $0
Location: Lyons, CO

used Featherlite 8587 for sale

2006 Featherlite 8587

Price: $45,000
Location: Sanger, TX

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Trucking…A Steady Recovery

Finally, news we can all be excited about. With the rise in consumer spending, retail sales, savings, industrial production, housing and auto sales, a steady increase in the trucking industry is sure to follow.


Opportunity Knocks

It is well known that many industries felt the impact of the recession our nation has faced. The transportation industry, particularly commercial trucking, may have felt it the most.


How to get a job in Trucking

Just like applying for any job, finding a job driving a truck takes persistence and hard work.


Now accepting T-Chek and Comchek


Why the Trucking Industry is Thriving Even in Recession

Thousands of businesses and industries are on the decline in today’s economy.  There are daily news stories of companies reducing their workforces by tens of thousands of people. 


Commercial vehicle market conditions

Commercial vehicle sales have shown a robust increase over last year, despite the uncertainties in the overall economy.


Why Become A Truck Driver?

Trucking is not an easy job. But, no job worth doing is. Although drivers do have some control over their schedule...